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who I am

My Name is Jenny A Badger I'm founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation and a Board member of the Aqueous Solutions Global, Aqueous Solutions Global is an innovative technology Manufacturing company for Water Filtration media. from the involvement of this technology, I have learned what is Water Quality and why water quality is important for our Earth Health and all mankind Health. in the past years I've been working hard everyday online to promote the the world only technology that could remove all contaminations including radiological contaminated water.  illness enter from your mouth. Water quality effect to most health issues. Healthy Water Quality can prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. I hope our world have learned from covid pandemic, and to prevent next world catastrophe radiological contamination, the use of the EcoUtility Green Industry healthy water technology is Urgent. EcoUtility Green industry is a industry never happened in human history before a entire industry without emission, pollution. industry solid and liquid waste. it create a ture green industry change our world forever toward to eco-environment for disease free life.

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Green Industry

World first Green Industry could enable anyone to own a EcoUtility to provide communities Healthy drinking tap water without daily work you can earn money and make holiday everyday!  what do you think who has the rights to own the EcoUtility facility? why not you?  



Bringing Change

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working toward better tomorrow 

I started Global Healthy Water Foundation fight for everyone to get disease free life, lower healthcare cost, promote EcoUtility Green industry empower the community to create an Eco-Environment provide everyone healthy drinking tap water, improve everyone life quality.

Do you share my humanity?

With this initiative,  I provide this great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empower their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential, Revitalize the world economy.

My mission is promote healthy water technology to restore the ecological environment and provide everyone a disease-free life. reduce government healthcare burden.


My vision is to establish EcoUtility Green Industry, leading more industry to go green, Revitalize the world economy.


My plan is let everyone have a quality life make free healthcare for all into reality.

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Water Quality is Health Quality

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